Visthar Media Research and Activist Forum ®

Visthar Media Research and Activist Forum aims to converge sound media research into actionable inputs ... by way of documenting best practices researched from the field. Be it the best way of creating check dams for soil conservation or propagating nurture of green cover, what and how to deal with solid wastes or propagating best practices in psycho oncology the members of VMRAF strive to reach out to the evolving needs of humanity.

While the governments thanklessly retain the right (and rightly so) to regulate environmental clearances for development, the governments are too willing to give up the constructive activity of creating green carbon sinks to the civil society. Emission targets maybe best achieved if the Media dictates well researched emission standards but scrutinising the implementation of fuel emissions... is a space that neither NGOs nor the Media can effectively deliver. Creating awareness for wildlife conservation? That's the realm of the NGOs. The public servants are burdened enough by files clearing mining permits anyway.

Mapping the human footprint in protected forest areas... that is the realm of the activists too.

The Kidwai Institute of Oncology a premier government hospital offering Onco care lacks the coordination to send ambulances to receive patients and their care givers who arrive by train from far corners of the country on subsidised tickets. Frail patients who can barely stand on their legs have to alight from train cars without ramps or wheelchairs. Ambulances cannot go to the railway platforms to receive cancer patients from the train cars. "It is a space for NGOs to participate in said the PRO of the KIO in Bangalore while talking to the media.

The need for Mental Health solutions has grown alarmingly in the last few years. The psychological scars of refugees - be it of people from North Africa, Myanmar, Syria or Iraq, the demands for their welfare stops not just at food, shelter, clothing and sanitation... the challenge to integration lies not just in linguistic barriers but in psychological emotional and cultural integration... a space for mental health counselors to fill in. Mental Health being a neglected realm of public health, there are miles to before we can sleep.

It was the realisation that constructive deployment of the pen will help make the changes in society. Hence we founded VMRAF in 2015. Finding 'sustainable solutions' for the crossroads that humanity finds itself in, calls for robust research to look within sometimes, so that we can come up with solutions. Organ donation / stem cell treatment offer potential cures for people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease and some types of cancer. HIV cure is still eluding human society but we are on the way there for sure! Meanwhile Media research and engagement can show us the way to find homes for HIV orphans, skill and vocational training, sponsorship of education for HIV orphans, among other potential solutions.

Propagating ex situ conservation helps conserve endangered species of bio and zoo diversity.


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